The targeted program provides high-tech marketing and analytics to drive donations.

51by1, a leading technology, marketing, and geospatial consulting firm, is pleased to announce the launch of the Nonprofit Accelerator Package, a new strategic marketing and analytics solution specifically designed to increase brand awareness and donations for nonprofit organizations.

Through research and client interaction, 51by1 has identified a major gap between the integrated marketing strategies of profit-based and nonprofit organizations. Historically non-profit organizations have not had the opportunity to leverage the cutting-edge techniques and tools used by leading technology companies. The 51by1 Nonprofit Accelerator Package gives nonprofit organizations the ability to optimize their marketing spend through the use of targeted messaging, placement, and advanced analytics to reach new donors and volunteers.  In addition, the Nonprofit Accelerator package provides an unconventional pricing model resulting in lower financial risk for nonprofits.

“For too long, nonprofit’s have not had the opportunity to leveraged outside marketing resources due to high-cost retainers and lack of internal marketing support. Using industry leading marketing methods and systems we enable greater reach and revenue growth for nonprofits,” states Kevin Jaskowiak, Managing Partner, 51by1. “While working with the Southern California Mountains Foundation, we saw an opportunity to leverage our nonprofit accelerator package to grow donations, awareness, and volunteers.”

“Implementing 51by1’s new nonprofit solution provided us the tools to triple our donations during our Give Big event last month,” comments Stacy Gorin, Executive Director, Southern California Mountains Foundation. “Working with 51by1 allows us to focus on conservation projects without losing site of donations.”

The 51by1 Nonprofit  Accelerator Package combines technology, services and analytic-driven results for organizations needing to increase donations. More information can be found on our solutions page.